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Celebration time – my book is being published on 14 June: you can pre-order now so it will pop through your letterbox by the time the sun is shining.

Building on my posts, the book offers insights into Elizabeth’s life and her tireless work for women’s rights. It traces how she changed education for girls, fought for women’s rights and helped to win the vote for women.

Where possible, I use her own words as she was clear thinking and yet passionate at getting her message across. Along the way I also explore what Sylvia Pankhurst and other contemporaries said of her many campaigns to change British law for the 50% of the population, who at the time, had no legal rights. Then, coming up to date, there are words from Lady Hale (you know, spider brooch fame) and Margaret Atwood.

I do hope you will be tempted to buy my book; already a few Book Clubs are planning to read it. Plus, my talks offer the opportunity to discuss her work further and the slides I use provide further insights. Both the book and talks include materials rarely seen before.

Please spread the word – let’s get talking about Elizabeth and women’s rights. All money raised is going to charities that support women (Futures for Women & the Moravian Women’s Association).

As always I welcome your comments and you are invited to email me:

write freedom

write freedom