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Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy

The Feisty Feminist?


The first post introduces Elizabeth, the Manchester girl whose mother died days after her birth and goes on to change women’s lives for ever. In each of my posts I will explore her achievements in challenging male power.

She worked with a range of other feminists during many campaigns and I will also introduce these women to you along the way.

These posts will offer you a taster as I work on my book that will offer you a full picture of the work of this amazing woman.

Advent traditions

Advent traditions

A look at two Moravian Christmas traditions that Elizabeth will have shared with other pupils at Fulneck School in the late 1840s. Today these traditions are still celebrated at the church and by pupils at the school.

A night of horror

A night of horror

A story of one girl’s night of horror, based upon laws that were applied throughout the country for over 15 years. For many women this horror was cruelly real and often based simply upon the suspicions of a policeman.

Elizabeth's statue