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Elizabeth: the feisty feminist

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Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy

Early women’s rights, education for girls and the vote for women – Elizabeth led the way.

For over 50 years Elizabeth significantly influenced many laws relating to women’s rights.

Her strong belief in women as equals and her determination to see women recognised in law fired her energy, even when her life was hard.

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Elizabeth wrote widely about many aspects of how women were deprived rights and she fought laws on many fronts. Her story is inspirational and relevant to the challenges we still face today.

Sylvia Pankhurst recognised Elizabeth as a founding pioneer of the Suffrage Movement who went on to join the militant Suffragettes.

Power of the pen

Power of the pen

Elizabeth used her skill with words to write about the need for women to have much greater rights. Her words influenced many laws that changed the position of women in society. Today her words are still powerful and relevant.

Elizabeth's statue